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After their early tracks "Stay" and "Darkness"? caught the ear of Adrian
Hates (Diary of Dreams), Aesma Daeva found themselves labelmates with some
of the best in gothic music, with Accession Records Germany releasing
their debut album "Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water" in
September 1999. 10 years later, the album is a classic for many fans of
the genre.

In the decade since their first release the group has gone through many
line up changes and explored many different perspectives. They have worked
with Grammy award-winning producer Neil Kernon, played Festival Obscuro in
Mexico City with H.I.M. and Tristania, shared the stage with the likes of
Nightwish and Kamelot, and embarked on a full North American tour with
Therion in 2007.

This 10 year anniversary edition of "Here Lies One" features 8 additional
tracks; an unpredictable remake of "Stay"? by Edward Davidson (Attrition,
Orchard of Comradery) fuses many different musical elements and gives the
song a whole new meaning, while the "Introit II" (reMind) remix by the
group's original members N. Copernicus and John Prassas highlights their
early industrial influences and ends up sounding like Enya lost in the

The group took one of its early influences, Kate Bush, and reflected one
of her songs like an imperfect and invisible mirror reflecting its inner
self. This remake emphasizes a new syncopation and has a harder edge that
reflects the songs original deep shadow.

In December 2007, a fan of the band wrote to share his idea for a guitar
solo to add to the song "Darkness". "This idea showed a lot of potential,
and in my opinion really grasped the original idea of the song,"? said
Prassas, the groups original founder. "This version of Darkness Arena was
a great opportunity to connect the groups early lineup with its current
lineup. So I began working on it."

Much like the original intentions of Aesma Daeva - melding the lyrics of
the past with music of today - this album melds the line up of the past
with the line up of today. After 10 years Aesma Daeva's growing body of
work reflects musical maturity and an unremitting desire to move forward,
coupled with an appreciation for its past. A.D. is like a phoenix rising
from its own ashes.