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"In water, final Lord"

At an unspecified future in the depths of the ocean, the engulfed structures of man remain standing. Beneath the spires, stoic brass melodies resonate against the once-powerful dome. Among the singing of whales, like counterpoint from the depths, we can still hear the monk-like chant of the sunken cathedral echoing the final days of man. Modal and pentatonic themes with parallel chord movement sing a new praise to the adage that nature will always win.

From deep within the ocean's abyss comes a melody, "The Garden I long for" - a title inspired by one of the last paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. Kostas Grigoreas, an eminent member of the Greek guitar fraternity and one of the most serious figures in the field of classical guitar, performs this haunting refrain.

This garden has the Japanese elements that Van Gogh loved. Asian scales and gongs accompany murmuring guitars that sweep through the piece like brightly colored schools of fish.

"Deep wounds, vast seas that rack and crush."

The various colors and moods of the ocean's paintbrush are echoed in "The Loon - Thalassa Mix". Lori Lewis's voice symbolizes the stable lighthouse of the song, while the visual evocation of crashing waves and glittering water flood the final moments of the song.