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Descripción del álbum que aquí se encuentra, uno traducido al español y otro en portugués.

La reimpresión de "Here Lies One " ya se encuentra disponible

Respecto a Chris Quinn y Ashley, con alegria les comunicamos el nacimiento de su hija Violet Cora Quinn, 17'th de agosto de 2009.


2008. Fotos de Aesma Daeva, tocando canciones y partes de 1984 de Aesma Daeva, finalmente han sido añadidas a la página web. La próxima vez vamos a poner la cámara delante de Albert (el baterista).


" Here lies one" se ha agotado nuevamente. Vamos a reimprimir el material con nuevos gráficos y material extra, pero primero queríamos saber que prefieren si, Digipacks, Ecowallets, o Jewelcases?

haga clic aquí


Aesma Daeva tiene algunos nuevos comentarios sobre "The Thalassa Mixes"


Hoy 10 pm LORI,(vocal de therion ) John Prassas y ChrisQuinn integrantes de AESMA DAEVA entrevista en vivo. dale clik al link y te llevara a la radio obscure obcession radio


Thank you to everyone who came to the show last night
If you received a download card click here or on the icon


Here Lies One 2008 Online Bonus Material posted


3 Vocalists for Minneapolis Concert


Guest Guitarist and Drummer for Darkness Remake


Upcoming shows with guest musicians.


"Here lies one" is back in stock with bonus material


KUCI - Interview with Lori by DJ Azrael posted in media 2007


en espanol


Earl Jefferey Root passed away on Friday May 23rd
2008 of complications from non-hodjkins lymphoma.


Guitarist MAG confirmed to do some guest solo's for 1984. Read more about him here.


if you have signed up for our mailing list. Make sure you add us to your white list. A News letter with free mp3's and discounts just came out. Check your bulk mail folder just incase.


Interview with Graphic Designer Raven dusk posted in Media 2007.


New interviews posted in Media 2008. Video and Audio Tracks uploaded for remixing.

New Reviews of Dawn of the New Athens at Rock Republic


For our Upcoming EP The Thalassa Mixes. The track “The Garden I long for” will feature classical guitarist Kostas Grigoreas


After a long and very cold winter we have slowly started to emerge with our first remix/remake EP for you called The Thalassa Mixes
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