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Tisza's Child

Daughters, sons, river deaths:
faces pale like moons;
and hands, bright stars.
Fair children cradle water graves.
Vast river, spirits, can you hear us pray?

Arise, hear my lullaby,
upon unlived lives.
Vast river, dark water,
I drown in lament endlessly.

Spirit guide, river stag arise,
eyes ablaze and hide steaming,
pull treasures from turbid water.

Tisza's child clothed in liquid light
arise, awake, mystify.
How I drowning bathe in rivers
that flood all hope in water,
final lord, and I will fly to thee.

Lyrics from the Poem "The Tisza"

by Michael Platzer.


Olcsvaapati is the village where the poem is set: some old plaster houses, old cemetery, family farms.

You can smell the smoke from fires, smoke houses people use to cook food.

Tisza is the famous, wide, shallow river.

Szamos is the fast, deep, dangerous one where people drown that the poem is actually about.

It looks like a timid forest/prairie river at first glance, but on second look it is VERY fast with many boils.