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Audio CD - "Here lies one whose name was written in water" - 2009

Digi Pack 10 Year Anniversary Issue

Over 74 minutes of music with and additional 20 minutes of exclusive online content

Track Listing


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Audio CD - The Thalassa Mixes 2008

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Comes with high quality 24 bit Audio files for encoding to AAC or FLAC

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Audio CD-Dawn of the New Athens.
2006. $12.49

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This album has been repackaged as a double album which includes The Thalassa Mixes

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Long Sleeve by Matt Lombard - Cradle of Filth, Mortis, Attrition


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Package #1. Receive Dawn of the New Athens , The Thalassa Mixes CD and a LONG SLEEVE T-Shirt OR a Girlie T. $24.99

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Package # 2 Dawn of the New Athens, The Thalassa Mixes and Here Lies One 2009 pressing for $24.99

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Package # 3 Here Lies One 2009 and The Thalassa Mixes for $ 15.00

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Package # 4 Here Lies One 2009, Dawn, Thalassa, Eros of Frigid Beauty and a T-Shirt $37.99