Here lies one is out of stock again. We are going to repress it with new graphics, and bonus material but first we wanted to know.

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We have added some additional reviews of The Thalassa Mixes to the web site. If you are still uncertain about this album.
Check out the reviews.

Live interview tonight on OBSCURE OBSESSION RADIO with John Prassas , Lori Lewis and Chris Quinn.


The Thalassa Mixes is now available.
One of A.D.'s most dynamic releases this Enhanced CD comes with an 8 page full color booklet, Standard Audio tracks and Mastering Quality 24 bit audio tracks which can be encoded to FLAC, DVD Audio and other highend lossless Audio Codec's.

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All orders from our web site come with a free cd of "Guitar in the Greek mode" by classical guitarist Kostas Grigoreas.

The Thalassa Mixes EP

Length 26:15

1 - The Tisza's Child - Sunken Cathedral Mix

2 - The Garden I long for - performed by classical guitarist Kostas Grigoreas.

3 - The Loon -Thalassa Mix

4 - The Loon - Swamp Mix

Press Release.

"In water, final Lord"

At an unspecified future in the depths of the ocean, the engulfed structures of man remain standing. Beneath the spires, stoic brass melodies resonate against the once-powerful dome. Among the singing of whales, like counterpoint from the depths, we can still hear the monk-like chant of the sunken cathedral echoing the final days of man. Modal and pentatonic themes with parallel chord movement sing a new praise to the adage that nature will always win.

From deep within the ocean's abyss comes a melody, "The Garden I long for" - a title inspired by one of the last paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. Kostas Grigoreas, an eminent member of the Greek guitar fraternity and one of the most serious figures in the field of classical guitar, performs this haunting refrain.
This garden has the Japanese elements that Van Gogh loved. Asian scales and gongs accompany murmuring guitars that sweep through the piece like brightly colored schools of fish.

"Deep wounds, vast seas that rack and crash."

The various colors and moods of the ocean's paintbrush are echoed in "The Loon - Thalassa Mix". Lori Lewis's voice symbolizes the stable lighthouse of the song, while the visual evocation of crashing waves and glittering water flood the final moments of the song.


Thank you to everyone who came to the show last night. If you received a download card please click here.


Upcoming show in Minneapolis with Guest Musicians.

People have been wondering for a while who will be getting the Jason Newsted Position (new guy with big shoes to fill) in A.D. Well it has not been given to anyone, but we do have a good friend of the band filling in on guitar for the upcoming show. Joseph Jachimiec has been in the Minneapolis Metal scene for many years and has worked with our Bass Player Chris and Guest Drummer Albert Born and is currently playing in the band Gracepoint. Joseph will be filling in for our Bennefit show in Minneapolis our NY show on Sept 7'th, and hopefully will be doing a few guest guitar solo's. He is a well rounded cool guy you can get to know him with our short interview here. Also check out his myspace page with some of his instrumentals.

For the first time EVER A.D. is going to have more than 1 vocalist on stage. Our Minneapolis Concert is going to have 3 vocalists singing different roles and characters.

The line up for the Minneapolis show is

Joseph Jachimiec ( of grace point) - Guitar
Matt Tennessen ( of grace point) - Male vocals
Melissa Ferlaak - Female vocals
Lori Lewis - Female vocals
John Prassas - Guitar
Chris Quinn - Bass
Albert Born - Drums

The line up for our NY show is

Melissa Ferlaak - Female vocals
John Prassas - Guitar
Chris Quinn - Bass
Albert Born - Drums
Joseph Jachimiec - Guitar


Guest Drummer and Guitarist for the "Darkness Arena" Remake

Guitarist FOX IV - sent a demo recording to A.D. a few months ago of his ideas for the song darkness. After much debate John took on the challenge of finding all of the old parts on various multi track tapes and reassembling the song into a new version. You check out FOX IV's myspace page and you can also read a short interview we did with him here.

For this new version we brought in a good friend of the band on Drums Albert Born. Al has played in various bands in the Minneapolis area including, Banehinge, and Ocularis and recently filled in last minute for Pakistani Hard rock band "Call" which you can read about in our short interview we did with him.

Al is also confirmed to join us once again and fill in on drums for our upcoming shows in Minneapolis and NY. You can check out Al and his various bands at his myspace page.

Want to Hear the Remake of Darkness? All orders of "Here lies one" from our web site and orders from come with download code for online bonus material in mp3 and lossless CD quality FLAC files.


The following concerts have been confirmed. August 29th Earl Root Benefit at First Ave Sept 7th Club Europa This is a free all ages concert. Due to scheduling conflicts, and the opportunity bring some of our guest musicians into the spot light A.D. will have a slightly different line up for these shows.

The first is that Melissa Ferlaak and Lori will be sharing the stage for our August 29th benefit concert. Also due to Lori being in Poland with Therion Melissa agreed to fill in on lead vocals for our concert in NY on Sept 7. Keep checking back to meet some of the guest musicians who will be playing with us live, and recording with us.


The root family recently contact us to let us know that they found copies of our first album "Here lies one" in storage.

When you order "Here lies one from our web site, or from Amazon". You will get a sticker that has a download code. You can then go to our hidden web page and download the bonus tracks (mp3 or CD quality FLAC files) that will be part of the re-release in the future.


Earls family recently sent us some photos which were found in storage. We have added them to the 2005 section of the gallery.


R.I.P. Earl Root 1962 - 2008

Earl Root was born in 1962 and for the rest of his life embraced music with passion and enthusiasm.

He was raised in Edina MN. Growing up in a working class family he developed a strong work ethic and thrived on a full schedule that was as he said "bordering on chaos"

Earl formed the trash band Disturbed in the mid 80's they played and toured constantly with acts such as Sepultura, and Death. A key contributor to the mid west Metal Scene Earl helped form the first Milwaukee Metal Fest, and for 27 years he ran The Root of all Evil Radio show at KFAI. Where he helped promote, interview and break many new underground acts.

Earl came home in the sense of the word when he met his wife Nancy. Nancy became an important support for him through out his life. Together Earl and Nancy held memorable 4th of July parties, and Halloween was an event that was not taken lightly at the Root household.

Well on tour he could often be found in pawn shops finding collectable vinyl or as he described it to the younger generation "Really big cd's that sound better than cd". In 1990 his passion for collecting brought him to open Root Cellar Records A premier Vinyl record store. To date much of his collection remains and can be bought through his families E-Bay Store.

In 2001 Earl joined Aesma Daeva as a primary rhythm guitarist. He continued to play guitar with the band throughout his chemo therapy, radiation and stem cell treatments. In 2007 with bladder cancer, and a kidney stent Earl completed a full U.S. and Canadian tour with Aesma Daeva.

Earl J Root passed away on Friday May 23rd 2008 at his home in Minneapolis with his wife Nancy at his side. He died of complications from his 10 year contention with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He is survived by his wife Nancy and son Arron.
Myspace Root of All Evil

The root of all evil radio show


For our upcoming album we have some amazing guest musicians who will be joining us. Rather than reveal everyone all at once we are going to go little by little.

MAG a guitar player from Quebec City, Canada will be playing a few solo's. We have already started to work on two solo's which are turning out great!


Marc is a great musician to work with - an exceptional work ethic, yet a relaxed personality. His guitar style is a blend between Joe Satriani and Scott Henderson, Steve Vai and Planet X, or even Mike Stern and Metallica. Other than working with A.D. MAG has worked with Paul Di'Anno (Iron Maiden's original singer), Death metal act Quo Vadis. MAG has even performed on stage with the Scorpions!

Here samples of MAG playing on one of our new songs called "Afterlife cafe" here


A new interview has been posted with graphic designer ravendusk. Ravendusk did the art work and design for Dawn of the New Athens and our Sleeping Girlie Shirts.


For our Upcoming EP The Thalassa Mixes. The track “The Garden I long for” will feature guest classical guitarist Kostas Grigoreas
“The Garden I long for” will feature classical guitarist Kostas Grigoreas - An eminent member of the Greek guitar fraternity, and one of the most serious figures in the field of classical guitar. Kostas studied guitar and theory on a British Council scholarship at Royal Northern College of Music. Two of his teachers were Gordon Crosskey , and John Williams some of the worlds most prominent classical guitarists. Well at RNCM Kostas also studied with the Pianist and conductor George Hadjinikos one of the most inspirational musicians Kostas has met.

As a distinguished composer and performer Kostas has worked and collaborated with various singers including Savina Yannatou, Nena Venetsanou, Anna Parlapanou and Aliki Kayaloglou. His works for voice and guitar can be heard on TAR radio - a highquality online musical magazine based around guitar.

Readmore here


After a long and very cold winter we have slowly started to emerge with our first remix/remake EP for you called The Thalassa Mixes We will have sneak previews of the art work and remixes posted very soon.

Also make it simple for your self to keep upto date on A.D.'s News. Subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking the . No longer will you need to stop by the news page to find out what is happening it will all be brought to you if there is something new.



The final days of John Dowland , the Death of Eric Blair (George Orwell)

One of the most famous British composers from the Age of Shakespeare was the lutenist and songwriter John Dowland. His life is documented rather well compared to many of his contemporaries, however much about him remains a mystery.

Some Describe Downland as "A cheerful person, passing his days in lawful merriment." Others say he suffered and many of his most famous works are deeply introspective in tone. One of his better known works is the lute song "Flow My Tears", the words of which can be found in A.D.'s first album Here Lies One Whose Name was Written in Water On the songs Downvain, and Darkness

Also on todays date english author and journalist Eric Blaire pen name George Orwell died of Tuberculosis.
His short book within the book "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism" is set to music in our song "Since the Machine"

* On January 21/22, 1626, lutenist Robert Dowland, age c. 35, succeeded his father, English composer and lutenist John Dowland, age 63, as a member of the royal musicians in London; This date has often been cited as also being the date of the elder Dowland's death, but more recent research suggests John Dowland must have died in mid-February that year, as he was buried on February 20, 1626.


Dawn of the New Athens is now available for Download through


Our First album "Here lies one whose name was written in Water" will be Re - released in mid 2008 with the original tracks, new graphics, additional remixes, and remakes of the original songs.

If you are a graphic artist get in contact with us. We allready have a few artists whom we have worked with in the past who are interested working on the graphics for the re-release of here lies one. However we thought this would be a good opportunity for other artists we do not know of to show us there work.

additional news

It is Speculated that in 1850 on December 25'th Isabella Valancy Crawford was born. Her Poem "The Camp of Souls" is set to music on our latest album. "Dawn of the New Athens."
Free Sample of "The Camp of Souls" - Right click and save file as


For the remainder of 2007 we are going to make it easier for you to purchase presents. Buy 1 copy of Dawn of the New Athens and get the second copy free.


We have uploaded the german presentation of dawn of the new athens to our web site under the media section More radio interviews and presentations will be available soon so keep checking back.


We uploaded a new video to youtube. Unfortunatly it is only one camera and a direct mix off the board but still a fun video to watch of us live on halloween in Montreal QB



Tonight UR-Radio Germany will present "Dawn of the New Athens"

Tune in at

Here is the Germany Press Release for the Special.

Am 26.11 wird euch NAVAR im Rahmen seiner Show “Cross the Line” ab 22 Uhr Deutschland exklusiv das neue Album von AESMA DAEVA , genannt “DAWN OF THE NEW ATHENS” präsentieren.

AESMA DAEVA ist eine 1998 gegründete Symphonic Metal Band aus Minneapolis (USA). In Deutschland eher unbekannt, sind die Alben der Band in der Fachpresse durchweg sehr gut bewertet worden und werden von dem ein oder anderen sogar als Geheimtipp des Genres gehandelt. Auch das neueste Werk „DAWN OF THE NEW ATHENS“, welches bislang nur in Amerika veröffentlich wurde, reiht sich in diese Tradition ein.

Musikalisch lässt sich der Sound wohl am ehesten mit Größen wie dem frühen Nightwish unter Tarja oder aber mit THERION vergleichen, was nicht zuletzt an der hervorragenden Sängerin Lori Lewis liegt, die seit 2007 ebenfalls bei THERION singt und auch beim diesjährigen Wacken Open Air dem ein oder anderen durch ihre kraftvolle, opernhafte Stimme aufgefallen sein wird.

Wer jetzt denkt, dass das alles wäre was die Band musikalisch zu bieten hätte, liegt falsch. Auf dem Album verbinden sich viele verschiedene Stile miteinander, über Gothic und Metal, symphonisch orchestrale Parts, die durch die Stimme von Lori Lewis unterstrichen werden bis zu ruhigeren atmosphärischen Teilen und dem ein oder anderen Spritzer Volk ist alles vertreten.
Damit begnügen sich die insgesamt 4 Amerikaner aber noch nicht und setzten auch auf Inhalt. So ist beispielsweise der Song „The Camp of Souls“ eine Vertonung des gleichnamigen Gedichts von Isabella Valancy Crawford, die in Canada Kultstatus genießt. „Since the Mashine“ nimmt sich gleich den Inhalt eines ganzen Buches als Anleihe, nämlich des berühmten „1984“ von George Orwell, welches eine düstere Zukunft eines, durch den Computer Big Brother überwachten, totalitären Staates zeichnet.

Ihr seht, Einschalten lohnt sich.Verpasst also auf keinen Fall „Cross the Line“ am 26.11 um 22 Uhr mit Navar und „DAWN OF THE NEW ATHENS“ von AESMA DAEVA.


We have posters left over from the tour. If you are interested in one let us know and we will ship it with your order.


New Long Sleeve Shirt and Girlie Shirt are in stock. The new Girlie Shirt was designed by Ravendusk who also did art work for "Dawn of the New Athens". Long Sleeve was designed by Matt Lombard who did the Ex-Libris cover. Check it out under the merchandise section


Some new photos from our recent tour with Therion have been added to the 2007 gallery. More photos will be uploaded soon - both old and new.


The Media section of the web site has been updated with FREE sample and full length mp3's from our albums.


Our US Canadian tour with Therion is complete. It was a huge success thanks to all of the added help we received from Therion, Therions Road Crew, Venues, Media, Street team and last but NOT least : all of you who decided to come out and supported us on this tour.


Pictures from our concert last night in Quebec are up at capitoldumetal


Tour is going great! Thank you to everyone who has come out to support us!

Additional news October 31'st is the birthday of John Keats. As some of you know the title of our first album "Here lies one whose name was written in water" Is a phrase from the grave stone of John Keats born October 31st 1795. This album also includes a setting of some poetry and letters by Keats with in a requim mass.


Aesma Daeva's Tour begins this monday with Therion. We will have someone handling web orders well we are gone.


Hi Everyone.
We are looking for field reps who are interested in helping us with our upcoming tour with Therion. If you plan to be attending one of the shows. E-mail us and let us know what you think are the cool record stores, tattoo shops, clothing stores, book stores, radio stations, coffeeshops, and ticket out lets that you think would be willing to hang up a poster.
If you want to promote the show on your own. Then just send us an e-mail us and we will send you a promo pack cool stuff that you can hand out at others shows at the venues we are playing.
Uncertain if you have the time?
There are numerous ways that you can help, knowing good places to eat, knowing another language, where a musical instrument store is (that is open),taking photographs,telling us where to not stay, what roads to not take to the next city. These are all simple things that you can do to help support the music you love.

A field rep recently wrote this about being part of the street team.

" The best part of being a field rep is that you can be more than just a fan and consumer; you can be a participant"


Aesma Daeva has been confirmed for the U.S. Canadian Tour with Therion. Click on the tour tab to get all the info you need.


Our new album is out. You can order through our web site just click on the merchandise button


Visual artist confirmed for new album

Check out her work at


NEW ALBUM update
Normally I would post something like this on my personal myspace page but I
felt this may be something others should know about.
I Just finished editing for the new album recorded all the choral parts some
guitar harmonies, and well countless other small details that needed to be
taken care of. We will be leaving for chicago to go and mix with Neil on
Tuesday November 7th.

Also on Wednesday, November 8th, Earl our guitar player will be going into
the hospital for Chemo therapy and radiation. After Chemo Doctors will make
a decision as to when they will schedule a bone marrow transplant. Earl is
not really the type to talk about his disease but at this point he does need
support. Insurance will only cover the procedure for the bone marrow transplant. So there are other expenses ahead. We would much rather see earl come out of the hospital able to work on music rather than have to work to make money. will be up soon.
Either way, please do visit his myspace page and show him your support!


Visual Artists

We are looking forvisual artists who feel they may have something to contribute for the inside booklet of our new album. If you are interested send us a a message with your web site. We allready have the cover art work spoken for.
Thank you


Well mixing was scheduled for Midnovember now it is scheduled for october 16th.

After that we send the album off for mastering. Then the promotion on everything from myspace to metal manics begins.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and waiting for this album. The wait will be worth it.

The track list for the new album will be (in no specific order)
All the songs you are listening to hear are myspace will be what is on the album. What you are hearing here is just the demos though. At the current moment all previous Aesma Daeva albums with the exception of "here lies one" are out of print. There are a few available on the internet, but that is it.

The bluish shade
D oreste
Artemis (reworked version new lyrics instruments etc)
Since the machine
Ancient verses
The camp of souls
The loon
The Tisza
Hymn to the sun


recording update

We are going to be recording guitars and bass next week. After that all we have is vocals and this long awaited album will be finished.
Let us know what you think of the mp3 samples!



old news

March 16 2006

Upcoming show at starcentral this friday March 17th.

Star Central
4005 Central Avenue NE,
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

November 24'th 2005

We have an upcoming show on December 16'th. With our recording schedule we will not be playing out to often so please come on out to see us. Here are the details.

December, 16 2005
at Star Central
4005 Central Avenue NE,
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

On The recording front Neil and Tim recorded drums last weekend. Neil says "Everything went very well with Tim. He was very well prepared."
We should be recording again in December/January.

If you would like to hear some of our demo samples please go to

October 8'th 2005

I spoke to Neil Kernon on thursday of last week. He is going to be listening to the final demos and from there we are going to go into the studio to record drums. Hopefully mid oct early november. This album has been in the works for 2 years. In that time period we have gone through many changes in order to make certain that this next album will sound great.

Those of you who want to hear some samples of the new material kernon has recieved feel free to go to

August 1'st 2005

Upcoming show Sept 10'th opening for Therion in Toronto at the opera house.

Please go to

for more info

February 14'th 2005

Upcoming show Feb 25'th at the ascot room in the quest nightclub. Doors open at 630

January 29'th 2005

Upcoming shows

Thursday Feb 3'rd station 4 - Benefit for Evil at station 4 st. paul

Friday Feb 25'th cold colours, autumn and aesma daeva at the ascot room minneapolis

December 27 2004

Upcoming concert at starcentral thursday december 30'th. Admission is free.

Star Central
4005 Central Avenue NE
Columbia Heights, MN

December 12

December 18'th show has been cancelled. We have been invited to perform with Nightwish in Toronto on december 18'th.

November 16 2004

Aesma Daeva has two new shows to announce where they
will be debuting 2 new works.

First, AD will be performing at Star Central on Thursday Dec. 9th
This is a new New Music night they are debuting in
Print off the tickets you see here and bring it to the venue! (It cannot
get much easier than that!)
Or email
With the subject line: TICKET REQUEST and we will send them to you
to print off. And print off as many as you like!!!

Otherwise, it is $3.00 at the door.
Music begins at 9pm (Aesma Daeva is last on the midnight)

Star Central
4005 Central Avenue NE
Columbia Heights, MN

Aesma Daeva will be joined by Cwn Annwn and Quazar at Station 4 (formerly
The Lab) in St. Paul, MN on Saturday, Dec. 18th. This will be a 21+ show
and admission is $5. Doors will be open at 8pm and music will begin at
Websites of interest:

saturday sept 4'th 2004 - upcoming shows

WHO: AD and bands to be announced
WHEN: Friday, October 1st
WHERE: The ROCK in Maplewood (2029 Woodlynn Avenue)
It will be 18+
Those 18-20 pay $7.00
Those 21+ pay $5.00

New material at this show....including a new Mozart!

Thursday August 14'th 2004 - upcoming shows

When: August 26th
Who: Nightwish and Lullacry
Where: The Quest, Minneapolis, MN Doors at 5pm
Tickets obtained at

When : August 28'th
WHo : Cold colours and Cwn Annwn
WHere : The urban wildlife , 7 pm

Thursday July 08'th 2004 - AESMA DAEVA In Mexico. The following dates have been confirmed, check back for more info.

Fri.July 16:Morelia,Michoacan at ARENA MORELOS
Sat. July 17:Guadalajara,Jalisco at WRESTLING HALL
Sun. July 18: Mexico City - POSTER calz. de la viga 667, entre santiago y , plutarco e. calles, INFO 55 79 06 79

Wed June 30'th 2004

Back from Toronto and new t-shirt designs are available

New T-shirt designs are now available.
Look under the merchandise section of the web page. We now have the long sleeve demon t shirt

the statue design as a hoodie and the statue as a short sleeve t shirt.

The short tour was wonderful, and thank you to all who attended!

Saturday June 19'th 2004
Message Board, New Members and upcoming shows

We are happy to announce that our new message board is up and running.

Also the precise bass position has been filled by a human named Eden Taylor. She is much more fun and cute than the sequencer bass player we once had. We have also added a violin player Theresa Hanley to the group who will be added some realistic violin to constrast with the synthetic elements of the group. With the new members also comes new live arrangements of AD songs.

Tuesday June 6'th 2004

The following shows have been confirmed for June

When: Wednesday, June 23rd; 11:30pm
Where: First Avenue; Minneapolis, MN
What: Cameo by AD after a noise orchestra and intermittently is the
industrial/gothic danceteria.

When: Thursday, June 24th
Where: the Warehouse; LaCrosse, WI
What: AD and Gabriel and Thee Apocalypse

When: Friday, June 25th
Where: the Symposium; Lakewood, OH
What: AD and the Gutter Vamps

When: Saturday, June 26th
Where: Club Rockit, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
What: Unrestrained! Magazines, 2nd Annual Northern Lights Festival.
More information at:

Aesma Daeva is close to going back to Mexico. Check back for details

When: August 26th
Who: Nightwish and Lullacry
Where: The Quest, Minneapolis, MN Doors at 5pm
Tickets obtained at

Thursday March 25'th 2004

Aesma Daeva has confirmed Matt Lombard to do artwork for the next album. A release date for the album has not been set.

March 24'th 2004

AD welcomes our new drummer Tim to the band. Craig has decided to leave the band due to family and work obligations. It was a hard decision but one he made because it was the best move for the band.

Thursday January 15'th 2004 -

Thank you to everyone who came out to watch us play at the Urban Wildlife. Those of you who could not make it can check out some of our new photos in the gallery.
AD is hard at work writing new songs, and recording demos for our new album. No title has yet been decided. Our Next concert will be Minneapolis's first metal fest in late April.

Tuesday December 09, 2003 -

Thank you all for braving the cold to see Lacuna Coil, Dog Fashion Disco, and AD. It was a great show and it was great talking with all that were there. THANK YOU! If you have pictures from the show that you would like to submit to our website, please email us!

Our next show is Saturday, January 3rd At the Urban Wildlife in Minneapolis, MN, The show will start around 8 pm.
This will be our ONLY show in January as we are going to be putting most of our time and energy into recording and developing some new ideas.

We have a new poll! We want to know what your favorite AD song is! Vote for your favorite track it will be used towards a future compilation cd of aesma daeva material.

New mp3s have been added as well under the Releases tab along with descriptions of the pieces so you can understand what the philosophy is behind our music (and learn a little Greek mythology in the process!)

Melissa is now a Master's degree holder from New England Conservatory! She completed in May…which means more time to devote to AD!

Monday November 17, 2003 - Upcoming show opening for Lacunacoil December 1.
Headlining in Lacrosse at the warehouse saturday Nov 29

We are confirmed 100% to open for Lacuna Coil on December 1'st at the Quest in Minneapolis.

If you want to help with promotion for the show please e-mail us

November 08, 2003 - Street Team, and new album available for purchase.

The Artemis Radio edit has been added to our mp3 page The full length version of the song is available on our latest releast The New Athens Ethos which can be ordered directly through us. ORDER CD

Thank you to all of the new friends we made who came out to watch us play some of our shows on the east coast. The compliments and support we
recieved - especially from Althea and the rest of the gang at CBGB's was fantastic.
>Aesma Daeva is starting up a street team to prepare for our upcoming east coast shows. Jackie Smith will be the leader of our NY street team. Next planned visit to the east coast is in Late January Early Feb.

Oct 09, 2003 - bass guitar, keyboard and trumpet duties

Toby from Kayodot will be handling bass, and 3rd guitar duties, along with guest musicians John Jaskola (keyboards).

Sept 12th, 2003 - east coast tour

We will be hitting the East coast soon.
Please check back for confirmed dates and venues. July 7th, 2003 - Show confirmed
Alive show has finally been confirmed. Aesma Daeva will play at First Avenue in Minneapolis on August 3rd, 2003, at 5 pm. June 30th, 2003 - Shows coming up
Finally looks like AD has some shows coming up. Nothing set in stone but we will be playing in the midwest in the very beginning of Aug this will be a show with a brand new set list. At this time we are hard at work recording and mixing some new material. Another excellent review 9/10 has come up at for The Eros Of Frigid Beauty.

May 21st, 2003 - News update
Many of you write to us asking questions in Spanish. So AD and some of our fans decided we would put together an all Spanish web page for you. This page is maintained by fans and the band so it will have some different content then what you see on the English page. The Spanish website can be found at

Aesma Daeva's Big Fat Greek album "The New Athens Ethos" is complete. The Album will be available by sometime around mid July.

Track listing
Lost Melody
Songs Of Heaven
Aviva's Lullaby
The Dawn
The Garden I Long For
Aviva's Lullaby
A Gathering Of Shades
I Have Sailed With Odysseus

The Dawn of New Athens

We do not have any scheduled shows for the summer - however we are planning on trying to put something together for Aug / Sept.

March 29th, 2003 - News for March
A central moral issue in this world is trust in authority. The older we have grown the more we have realized "There is more to fear within than from outside." We ask you to question authority, form opinions, and make judgments for yourselves on how to use your gifts and abilities. I once read that Ancient Greek thought was scientific and rational. After the fall of Greece we lived in a world of anti-science hysteria. If a different way of thinking existed today would many of us have tried to make earth heaven rather than live in fear? Would we still have burned 150-200,000 people as witches by the inquisition? We hope The New Athens Ethos gives you consolation and clarity and the peace it has given us. Our gift to you - "the force that forms and shapes."

March was a very fast paced month for AD. Mastering and graphics were completed for "The New Athens Ethos." The album is in the hands of our label so it should be out very very soon. The album is 13 tracks with over 70 minutes of music.

This march we also played at the Metal Meltdown in NJ. Got to meet some other bands and overall had a very expensive but good time. We added some photos of the show to our web site. A photographer named Gary Dean was at the show taking some photos for us. Be sure to check out his website as well. In this update we have even more reviews of "The Eros Of Frigid Beauty." From Royalcarnage Magazine, Extreem reviews, Darkheart Magazine in Germany, and from Amboss Magazine Germany. (These reviews will be added over the next couple of days.)

February 5th, 2003 - News for February
The New Athens Ethos is almost ready for release. It is just in the final stages of production and if all goes as planned, it should be on the shelves in March! Aesma Daeva is scheduled to make an appearance at the March Metal Meltdown V in New Jersey. The dates for this show are March 7-9. Please visit for more information. There is also a possibility pending of a concert in Boston, Massachusetts prior to the Meltdown, so check back for information about that! A special thanks to for putting us on the front of the web page, and giving us a great review.

January 3rd, 2003 - News for January
The month of December was a complete blur of recording, and shows. We hung out with our families, and they tortured us with the "so I hear you are in a band......" question. Then in the evening when they were all sleeping we snuck into the recording studio to finish the vocals for the album. Now that we are on to our 3rd album we have realized that really there is not much that will stop us. The show must go on!

Thank you to Adrian 'The Energizer' Bromley at Unrestrained! magazine for adding us to his top 15 albums of the year. Also for all of the skeptics we have added 3 new reviews of "The Eros Of Frigid Beauty" to the media archive. December 2nd, 2002 - News for December
Hello the month of December has arrived. This is busy month for the band. We will be playing 1 show in LaCrosse, WI at the warehouse night club ( This will probably be the last chance you will have to see us live until spring 2003. December is also the month we have scheduled for recording all of the vocals for the new album. For us personally it is a time when the music finally comes alive. It goes from a visual to an audio form. Every thought you have had when you write the music is now ready to be echoed much louder, and stronger than words can really express. - Which is probably why we chose music as our means of _expression.: )

As the machine slowly turns we are adding some new reviews. Also, thank you to all the reviewers who mentioned Aesma Daeva in Metal Maniacs Terrorizer, and Unrestrained as being one of the highlights at Milwaukee Metal Fest 2002.

October 27th, 2002 - News for November
Aesma Daeva is heavy at work recording new material for the next album. Trumpets, vocals and guitars, have already been recorded for many of the tracks. No shows are scheduled yet, but we are still working on doing a couple of small shows in the midwest for December.

The website has also been updated with three new reviews, one new interview for the Mexican Oz Magazine and a photo of the band's live drummer Craig Ohren. The band biography has also been updated. Within the next couple of days there will finally be a guitar tab for the Lysander track online and hopefully also some art submissions from fans of the band.

September 26th, 2002 - October update
Aesma Daeva had a very successful summer. Metal Fest In Milwaukee, and Festival Obscuro in Mexico City went extremely well for the band. Alex at OZ records and Carlos at Dilemma Entertainment treated us extremely well in Mexico city. We look forward to playing there again.

Aesma Daeva is working on a new album which will be titled "The New Athens Ethos". Scheduled Completion is spring of 2003.

No future shows are scheduled at the moment, however there are chances we will be playing in the midwest and southern states in December/ January.

Guitar tab for Lysander, other tracks off of "The Eros Of Frigid Beauty" will be added to this site soon.

August 12th, 2002 - Media archive
The media archive has been updated with lots of interviews with Aesma Daeva and reviews on the two albums. If you know of any other reviews and interviews please don't hesitate to tell us about them.

July 15th, 2002 - The website is online
The very first official website of Aesma Daeva is now online. Since it is brand new we are not certain that everything works to 100% so if you find anything that seems to be wrong please let us know about it. We are here for you but we also need your help for the best possible result.