Video Remix A.D.

When people think of Remix they often think of Industrial Dance. Aesma Daeva music is by
no means 4 , 4, on the floor type music, but it is still music that people could hear in many
different forms. I have also found that there are a lot of people who would like to experiment
with music. People say song writers are born not made. Yes but by the same token many people
never discover they have a gift for song writing because they never were exposed to a medium
or a way to create a song.

In the studio, we record everything in a multitrack format, separating all the parts so that
we can edit things individually. These tracks can then be mixed down to what is actually 2
tracks (left and right) Stereo. These 2 tracks are what you listen to in mp3, flac, or cd.
What you have here are all of the individual tracks that were used to make the stereo file.
If you load all of these tracks into a multitrack audio application you can remix and manipulate
the original parts to your liking. You can also add your own music underneath and just keep
parts of the original. For instance you could keep just the vocal and add acoustic guitar and make an acoustic
version of the song.

I have 2 version of the song Tisza's Child available for download.

You can listen to the song here

You can hear part of the Sunken Cathedral remix of the song here.

I have all of the multi track parts and I have a version of just the stems. If you have never
done something like this before I suggest just downloading the stems. From there you can
experiment and move things around to you liking.

The Stem files include the following: bass, drums, vocals, guitars and effects. If you decide
you want all the multi track parts later you can download them and add them in - they will
be the exact same length as the other files.

Cakewalk Sonar files - you can download a demo here.
Sonar files Stems only.

Generic wave files at 16 bit 44k for any audio editor. - Stems only


If you choose the wave files just import these tracks into your multi track audio application
and make sure that you import them all at the exact same measure and set the tempo.

Tempo for Tisza's Child is 65 bpm

Feel free to contact us and share what you have done in time we hope to be posting the mp3's on this section of the web site.

Questions feel free to e-mail us