Video Remix A.D.

Well on tour with Therion we brought 2 DVcameras with us to document the shows. What we did is set up both of the cameras before each show and prayed for the best. Some of it turned out good. Originally our plan was to just use small clips - maybe for a video in the future, or just for snap shots which we could use in the gallery.

Recently we have scene a lot of home made videos on the net which incorporate various AD photos. We thought it may be fun for people to have 4 - 6 video tracks which they can then edit and make into there own video.

Unfortunately we only have a few angles (stage right got filmed more than stage left mainly because stage left seemed to be where the monitor mix was most of the time) Non the less it is footage which could be manipulated in various ways to make an entertaining video.

The 6 video files are in .wmv format.

Hand held video plus Live Audio track
2 nd hand Held video
stage right
and stage left
Stage right again
Drum Camera.
Balcony Stage Right

Just import all of the files in a multi track video editing program and they will all sync up with the audio.

Here are some links to software programs that you can use

Edit studio 6 - an affordable program where you can add and edit 4 video cameras
Vegas - This has a 30 day free trial. You can edit 4 video tracks with it
Adobe - Premier

Some web sites with Video Remix Programs

video remixing programs

A video remixing community

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